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What is the Purpose of the Curiosity Fair?

We want to inspire students to remain curious! By having experts from multiple disciplines show off what makes their research/area-of-interest cool, we hope students will remember how important a passion for learning is.


Who's Invited to Attend?

Everyone, whether they be student, faculty, or staff, is invited to attend. We also encourage students from the surrounding area to come by!

If you need your curious spark reignited, please attend!

What is the Difference Between this and a Research Fair?

We ask that our participants showcase and interactive exhibit rather than a research poster. Additionally, research isn't the only thing presented at the Curiosity Fair. Anything that sparks curiosity could be the idea behind a great booth.

What Fields are Involved? Who Can Run a Station?

Anyone from any field is invited to showcase what keeps them curious! In the past we have had a lot of faculty from the different colleges on campus, but anyone who wants to host a booth can.

I want to Run a Station, What do I do?

We have an application process during which we review potential booths.

The application is currently LIVE!